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Here we have another cool Tiki Style painting that I have completed and this to is a nice size for a wall to hang it on.

The size is of this on is 20 inches in height by 16 inches wide.


I used a stretched Canvass and this is painted with House Of Kolor Enamel using a #1 Liner and a #4 Lettering brush.

This took some time to paint but I really like the old style way of art and I am no Monet, but I get a release from work when I paint and this is all hand done by me.

If you want some cool artwork then come here as I have it ready to go and all a one off as I dont like repeating this stuff.


A Big painting that would look great in any area that you choose to hang it and always a great conversational piece.




Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 2 in