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 photo 042_zpsa140c549.jpg

Here we are once more on Carp’s Art and this time I wated to try and do something a little different, so what I did was get a clear piace of thick Plexi-Glass and then Painted this little fella on it, using some tins of One-Shot , of course, thats a pin stripers ultimate paint as it covers as it say’s, in One Shot.

 photo 037_zpsdebf2ecc.jpg

I then painted Gold Metallic behind the painting, to give it a # D feel to it and to be honest, it really stands out well when you look at it in real life.

This is a little fella i named Ork the mechanic and would look great in a Man cave, shop, or gallery.

 photo 040_zps504b5ddf.jpg

I enjoy painting when I am not wrenching or designing Motorcycles and thought that I would offer some of my work on my website, as people have emailed me to ask if I have any art and I though- Why not- and here is one of mine.

 photo 039_zps80b2a9b1.jpg

This piece is not very big about 10X8 but is a great colorful painting that is sure to catch someones eye.

 photo 038_zps9a7c13b9.jpg
Have a look and see what you think, I also have many other pieces of art on the site, so keep checking back as I am painting more as I go along this week etc.

 photo 041_zpsacb3e0a6.jpg
They make great gifts for people and yes, it was me that painted this, so a one off and I enjoy what I create.

If you want to ask more questions, please do, you can contact me here at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or you can drop a dime at 714-996-4597.

I will also be painting more pin ups and some cool Hot rod and Motorcycle art, so check back regularly.

Thanks for looking.