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SOHC INTAKE BOOTS 69-76 Set of 4


Brand new OEM for that soft fitting, not like the crusty repop’s.

Every time I rebuild a bike, I want to make sure I can have as many new parts as I can afford, but one of the most important  pieces I make sure I purchase is the intake manifolds for the Carbs to the cylinder head, as many old ones are rock hard or cracked.



So,Getting the rack of carbs are a pain anyway, but- putting them back on is another story and a story that always for me has a bad ending.



That’s why I pay the price for Genuine parts that work well and these intakes are the ones I use every single time.


They are softer than an Italian Soccer club and as pliable as a Yoga instructor.

So, if you plan on rebuilding your carbs and then cant get them on or run well as the boots are cracked, here is your option that will work every time.

A must for anyone working on their inline four machine.

Yes, these are indeed for a complete set of 4.




Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in