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Devil you know ! Top Hat Diablo


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OK-here is one of my pieces of Art that I have done using some old lettering brushes and of course, the good old One-Shot pinstripers enamel.

This is painted with a yellow flake background to give a strong contrast to the Red of the Devil that I have depicted here.




I used a heavy weight card stock to paint this and it really is a stand out piece that I love looking at, the Devil may care style suits the color and I hope that you like it?


One shot has been used from everybody in the industry from the legendary Ed Roth and Von Dutch, to Robert Williams and Jimmy C.



This was a fun painting and it would make an awesome present for some, ready to frame and hang in your favorite place.

If you dig the old school style of art, then this is right up your street.


This is a 14X18 piece and I hope it goes to a good home, I did have this on show in a Gallery in London, so I was stoked to have that shown.


If you dig the old style of art, then you may like the one I have done, this is a unique painting and I am glad that you are at least looking at it.




Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 2 in