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HONDA CB750 Brat/Bobber/Cafe Custom Headlight bracket


Custom Lower Tree Headlight Bracket CB750 I have been manufacturing my own parts for many years and it is always nice when I come up with another set up for your Honda. Being a Custom builder and Parts innovator, it’s tough trying to come up with New products .- But this time I sat and thought long and hard and came up with this awesome headlight bracket that simply “Bolts” into place .


I built a few Bobber/Brat style machines and headlight choice is always an issue as the options are limited due to the fact that the majority of headlights out there are for fork ears .

But, I made my own bracket for a smaller light that can be fitted forward or backwards and only requires two bolts and you can use your stock ones if you do wish. Sturdy Steel bracket I have made is ceramic coated black to match your lower tree, that way the bracket seems to disappear and you just see the light.


Took me some time to make this right but this is stamped and lasered to perfection. I had this on a couple of machines to test , these were fitted two years ago and still holding up superbly . I stand by my parts and am super proud of this one.


If you are building a machine that is requiring a small 4-5 inch headlight that also sits lower, this is the way to go. Resistant to vibration made to precision, this lower headlight bracket is a great Custom part for your SOHC.

The mounting hole in the bracket allows many headlight options and a simple lock washer keeps your mounting post secure. Made right here, no Chinese rubbish. This is ready to go, simply unbolt your lower tree bolts, and attach the bracket , then re-attach the bolts and tighten.

You are now ready to fit your custom headlight, whether it is one of the many 4-5 inch I offer or your favorite model, simply drop the threaded post through the 90 Degree half moon and then just attach lock washer and securing nut .

Once tightened, just wire into your harness or switch and you are done .

This is an easy way to make a cool Custom look to your machine, I do sell headlights too but you may have a cool one already, just remove your bolts and add my bracket and bolts and you are set to fit your headlight in place, and there you have it a cool set up for that Custom look, and Made right here in California.



Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in


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