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CB750 Brake Caliper O-Ring S.O.H.C.


Here we are with what I change every time I work on a front brake caliper for the cb750 HONDA, this is a MUST if you are taking the caliper apart and I sell many of these to people building their machines.


This is a genuine Honda part too and I swear by these and will always use these on the old calipers from 1969-1976 CB750 K and CB750F.

Have a look here and see what we mean as we also sell all the other parts needed for your front brake, from the piston to the bleed nipple cap, check the site out as we add parts every day. We also try and figure out other builds that have weird and wonderful wiring, to brakes that do not function.


You can call us on 714-744-4597 and ask about any of our parts and we are known for a super customer service and turn around time, if you are building your CB750 right now, jump aboard and see all we have to offer on the parts pages.


We are always here to help and 7 days a week too.




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