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Rear Sets CB750 HONDA S.O.H.C.


Classic rear sets that are way better than the rest out there, made in Italy and tested for many hours.


Well, many people have asked me bout the rear sets I use on my machines, and why I like to use this particular product.


They will fit CB750K Models 1969-1976 ONLY. Also you can buy these to fit the CB750F 1975 and 1976 Super sport Models, but not the 77/78 models.



It is pretty straight forward really, as these are a breeze to fit, the workings are super smooth and I am really happy at the way these rear sets actually perform and of course function.



The parts are great quality and have used these about 17 years now, and have sold many many sets of these all around the globe.




I have always bought these and love how easy that they fit to all the Motorcycles that I have created.

The brackets are so easy to fit, you will really be happy that you went this way with this set up, the gear shifting is smooth and easy and none of that notchy feeling that you get with the other brands out there.


I have Really do like this style and actually the riding position is way more comfortable than others I have tried too, you can see how they look on the photos and I cannot say anything cool things abut these.


Strong and good quality hyme joints are used in this application and this will take you less than 15 minutes to fit up, easy and works so well for the CB750 HONDA.

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There are many other products out there, I have tried them all, but- none come close to the quality and functionality of these rear sets, just have a look for yourself.



I sometimes take the housings off the rear set and polish them for a chromed look on some of the machines I have built, they look so different again then.



I like the riding stance, the fit and the way they actually conform the part of the frame and the old exhaust bracket that are on the SOHC.

These are a great deal and I shall always use these!

If you like the Cafe Racer look and stance, check these puppies out, as I know you will get a kick out of these.


Simplicity is the word you are looking for and these really are just that, no real major tools needed, just an Allen wrench and a 10mm Spanner and you are all set to ride off on the tarmac and get right onto the corners.


These make a great gift too and have sold these all over the globe and all give me the thumbs up on this product.


Thanks for looking, if you need more help, you can drop me a Dime or even text me on 714-598-8392 or simply email me at. carpy@carpyscaferacers.com


I know that you will enjoy the ease of these rear sets in fitting and I look forward to hearing from you.





Weight 4.54 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in