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Is your Piston looking like this?

Have you been fed up, kicking your brake caliper because the piston is sticking inside the unit and wont release?

 photo 31e4f1a4.jpg

Well, I  have been there many times and, when it comes to rebuilding the front brake caliper, I end up making sure that I use ALL brand new parts, and what I am offering Here for you is a part that I have just had precision machined and ground buffed to make sure this product is bang on, this is for a Brand New front brake caliper PISTON.

These are smoother than a babies arse and ready to fit into your model and get back on the road and no more sticking brake.

Take a look at the photos, that will at least show you what we have available to you all.

They stick because more than likely you have bought a bike that has been sitting in adverse weather conditions for many many moons, what happens is that the caliper is Aluminum and the piston is steel, the old piston has got wet from cold and condensates and then rusts, causing at the minimum-a Pitt in the piston sleeving, and that catches the O-Ring and wont let go when you let off the brake.


I am certain that you will be happy with our product and we do take a lot of time to get this right on the money.



So, I sell the piston on here as well as the O-Ring and the bleeder and cap, just check the parts pages and you will see we can pretty much supply you with all you need for your ride with a simple click of the button.

I am sure we are able to help you with at least some, if not all the parts you require and, if you don’t see it, email or call us as I can get it.



Do remember, this Piston is a Precision made one and that is not a cheap  Chinese item- but what price is your safety on a rusty old piston?

I have built many many machines over the years and I seem to always go back to the machined parts in stainless steel, to make these last so much longer.

 I have sold about 500 of these over the years and as they are Stainless, they are quality all the way and I will always use them on any build that I create or service and hope that you do too?



Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in