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Chrome 16″ Rear Wheel Rim 40 spoke CB750, CB650, CB550, CB500


Custom 16 Inch rim to gove you a wide look with stock swing arm.

Chrome 16 inch Chromed rear rim, 40 spoke by 3 inch wide, great for Cafe Racers, Brats, Tracker, Custom or fit on stock machine, these get you a lower center of gravity and you can fit a much wider rear tire for that fatter look and more rubber on the tarmac. I have used these on Many of my Motorcycles.

Many people ask me about the rims I use etc, so I thought I would offer them for sale and help you lot out build your Cafe Racer faster.

You will see that we have a Chrome 16 inch by 3 inch Rim, that has a 40 spoke hole set up and it is ready to go, just lace your hub to this and you are all done.

I have used these for years, tried many but like this one myself and that’s why I am offering these to you now, as I get many people call or email me about them.

These are a sturdy composite and test the tide of time very well indeed, I must of used 30 sets of these over the years and for the money, these are the best bang for your buck.

I will also be selling the 19 inch front rim and the 18 inch too, so keep checking the website for more offers and parts etc.

If you are building a Cafe Racer, or even a bobber, chopper, or brat bike, here is what we use and get great results every time.

We also paint our sometimes as I like the contrast and you can paint them, powder coat or ceramic coat etc for amazing looks.

I always ship all around the world, please feel free to ask us anything on this, or any of our products and we shall reply to you.

carpy@carpyscaferacers.com will get here to me and I will reply back.  I used the very rim for Mike Dirnt of GREENDAY and it was a fun handling machine that’s for certain.

I pack and ship these direct from my shop and you get a tracking number so that you can see where it is on the route to your place, the best place to buy spokes is Buchannons in California and ask for 4″ drop center.

Thank you for choosing to purchase from me, over 2 and half decades in the business and a true motorcyclist as I ride every single day of the week.

These will change the look and the handling of your machine and fit 400cc up to 1000, its a great look and I have used many over the years and continue to do so.

Thanks again and if you need any more information, send an email to carpy@carpyscaferacers.com



Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 in