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Side Cover Emblem set CB750 Honda 1971-1976 SOHC RED or GOLD SOHC



I have restored many of these machines over the years and have tried a lot of companies that have attempted to mold the correct color and shape of the Diamond Emblem that emblazes the side covers of the HONDA CB750K from 1971-1976 K Models of the inline Four Machine.

Many miss the mark, and by that I mean mostly the quality of the material, then secondly, the color is usually way off.  Then lastly, usually the material is too weak and will not hold up under U/V conditions, which is pointless buy them.

The Company I use is local and made right here near to me, I like the quality right away, the color is bang on and the fitment is just how the OEM versions were.

So, I thought I would offer these Emblems to you and you can trust the quality in these versions to the many inferior ones that are from China.

These are available in Candy Red or Aztec Gold and both come with the snap washers that hold onto the pegs that are on the back side of the Emblems. They come as a Pair and you choose the color from the drop down box, as easy as that.

Restorer’s love them too.

Replaces OEM#

  • 87126-300-405
  • 87127-300-405




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