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I make a steel Curved front fender License plate and thought I would offer a traditional Aluminum version for the purists out there that want a little more Nostalgia to their machines etc.

These will look great on any early machine and if you have a front fender/Mudguard, then this is just for you.

I have sold quite a few of these over the years and people really like the thickness and the way they fit onto their front fender, now- you can customize yours by painting the background Black and adding your License Plate to it or make your own custom name up.

The one you see here is on my wifes Triumph Bonneville T100 and it looks so period, many people ask about it when she is out riding around.

Easy to attach, simply drill a couple of holes in the fender, once you have placed the plate where you want it and simply screw in the 2 bolts supplied through the fender underneath and into the assembly, simple as that.

A great Nostalgic look and a great dress up for that boring front fender too, and I am sure many people will comment on it.

This assembly is Solid Aluminum and you can leave with a white background or paint it Black to match the UK and USA early Vintage models.

Have a look for your self, but its really Cool and just like the Originals that were made back in the day, I ship these in a Priority Mail Envelope and send around the globe on a daily basis, these make a super GIFT too.




Weight 1.0 lbs


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