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Chrome Gauge Covers CB750 CB550 With outside trip Knob or filled



People ask me about my gauges as I spend a bit of time to make them look nice and readable etc. and many like the Chrome Cover that I use to enhance the gauges a little bit more,  for the Custom look, now, these are Chrome, Not Plastic and I have used these for many years on my builds and thought it was about time that I offered these to you for yours.

I wanted to offer these to you as I receive so many emails about the set up that I create on my Motorcycles, so, have a look and see what you think.

There are two models that you can choose from on this page, one set have No side hole in one of them and the other does, simply means that the one that has a side hole is for Speedometers that have a trip knob that exits the body and the hole allows the trip switch to fit through and an easy assembly too.

A neat Custom set up to embellish your gauges and give it a more Custom look to finish off the top end of your Motorcycle.

I have both styles and ready to mail out to you all around the globe, I really like these and will continue to use on the machines that I create here at the workshop.

Thanks for looking and I look forward to packing your Custom Chrome set of gauge covers, they are so easy to fit, just slide over your stock gauge body’s and tighten the clamp and there you go, all set.

Thanks for looking and hope that this helps you out with your Gauges on your machine.

I really have used these for many years and thought that it was time I offered these to the public for your creations.

OK, I gotta get back in the workshop but once again, I have 2 types and are available now.



Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in



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