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Hello There Honda Fans



This time I am going to be selling an array of glass fuses for the Honda’s as these will be a common fault on bikes that have been sat some years.



Or you may have picked a bike up and someone has jimmy rigged the wiring and the fuse blows and you cannot locate any.



These will fit the CB500 Honda’s right up to the 750 SOHC range and I shall be selling the 5amp, the 7 Amp and the 15 Amp on the parts pages of this website.



This is for the 5 Amp Glass Fuse and is available right now.



Have a look and see if you want it.

Pep boys do not sell these.  I know you will be glad you have a bunch of these in your tool box and in the bike, just in case that 8 track you wired up on the bike, craps itself.