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Genuine 7 amp Glass fuses for your HONDA.


Here on the website we have available the 7 AMP glass fuse that fit in the Honda’s, many of you will have electrical issues and sometimes these fuses are a bugger to locate when you need them.

So I am selling the 7AMP on here but I also have the 5Amp and the 15Amp on the parts pages to make sure you can cover the whole range that you use on the cb750 Honda’s like I use.


These are Genuine HONDA models and I use these in all the machines that i create and keep a few, just in case I zap something and blow a fuse and I tell you, at 9pm of a Friday night- you are not going to find one as Pep boys do not sell our side of fuse.

So here you go with the 7 amp and this is for ONE, priced well and I have a few in stock right now as I need them for any issues back here, so may as well make them available to you lot.