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Are you fed up with your old headlight bezel looking rusty and tired?


Well, look no further as I have found a supplier for the headlight assembly, this includes all you see here. The Chrome outer Bezel, the chrome trim and the gold backing plate, as well as all the screws and hardware you need to refurbish your headlight.  And on this offer we also have the headlight tribar too.



This is a good piece of gear and what I thought I would do is fit one of our headlights to show you how they fit together.


As you will notice- you even get a bag of hardware to complete the whole trim assembly.


So, here we are using our Tri-Bar 7 inch headlight, we use these on all our machines and sell many of them.


Simply line up the headlight with the indented cups, making sure the beam adjuster is the correct place.


turn the light over and then fit the inner chrome trim ring, it has a slot in one side that you just plop over the male tab and then fit flush.


Once you have fitted and tightened the 2 screws and nuts on the inner ring, it is time for the larger Chrome Bezel to be fitted.


This Bezel is a nice piece and is an easy fit on your stock headlight too.


The hardware all fits and tightens nicely, I use a pair of long nose pliers when fitting the nut and then with my left hand I screw the bolt in place.


Simply fit the spring behind the bezel and push the adjuster screw through the hole and attach at the back with the Gold square nut and tighten.


Tighten the screw until your headlight is level and flat its that easy.


the chrome is very good and this came together in 5 minutes and on my own, so a fast job and you are back on the road.

The tri-Bar looks great with the New trim and I think you will agree too that this is a cool set up?


This is the back side, so you can see, its the same as your stock one.


This headlight is nice and bright with a Halogen and we run these on many of our machines.


I know that you will be happy with this, but if you want to use your own headlight and just buy the trim, we shall have it as an option.


Be seen and be safe, this is a strong and affordable set up that will also enhance the front end of your machine.  These below,  are just some we have fitted too.


The Revolver, this bike now resides on the other side of the world in Australia and is such a stunning machine, the headlight looks great.


Below is the Cyclone, this resides in texas and that light gives it a great look.

You see how the light looks in different style as you can even fit one of our headlight visors too.

Below is the infamous Golden Arrow I created many years ago and still on the road today with the same headlight I may add.


If you want to brighten your bike up, yu have come to the right place.










Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in