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I am sure if you are looking at this, your front brake caliper has seen better days and you are looking into replacing your tired worn out 50 year old system and get something thats new and crisp.

Here it is, the brand spanking New complete system for your machine for CB550 Honda, I have sold many of these and it has got customers back on the road fast.

With the Original tired system you will find that your brake sticks due to the Postin having rust pits in it and stopping the piston returning into the caliper, thus having the brake stick or partially bind.

With this, its ALL New, nothing to worry about, just put together, bleed your brake amd have many miles of smiles, knowing that your old girl will now have some stopping power that you can rely on.

I have these and people are so happy that they went this route and no more binding brakes or squeals that annoy everyone every time you press the brake lever, have a look and you decide, but treat yourself to a new set of brakes today!!!!



Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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