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Honda SOHC Gas Tank TT- MANX 5 Gallon 1969-1978


Five Gallon Manx TT Fiberglass gas tank for Honda SOHC 1969-1978

I thought I would get my Mold out and make a 5 Gallon TT Manx Gas Tank for the CB750, as this is a classic look and style and I put a lot of time and design in getting this right to be able to suit the CB750 Honda SOHC Model.

This is a 5 Gallon Gas tank that I have scuffed on the inside, so you can use Tank sealer when you are ready to use, the best sealer for any Fiberglass Gas tank is Caswells, nobody else’s stuff has worked.  How do I know, I have tried them all and this is the only sealer that works bloody great.

This comes assembles and I have fitted 1/4 steel plates in the bottom of this Manx tank, that way- it allows for you to drill and tap an M6 hole and thread, to fit your stock CB750K pet cock, all the hard work has been thought out.

Have a look at the gas cap, thats a super cool fully polished Aluminum Monza style flip top, just like the race bikes of old, to give it some Nostalgia and of course it cant rust either.

I also supply 2 Gas tank ear cups, that allow you to fit at any height that you want to gas tank to sit, making it a custom set up for your machine.

This is a solid and sturdy set up and I even supply a Custom made mounting bracket for the tail piece to fit into your original frame fixtures, how cool is that?

The Gas tank is gel coated Black, either use as is or simply rubbed down and paint for a custom look to your desired color and you will love the way this stream lines gas tank looks on your inline four thats for certain.

This weighs in at almost 12 pounds, so its a nice thick tank that will give you many miles of smiles but will look tough as hell.

The Gas tank unit is about 27 inches long and the mid section is 13 inches wide, then narrows down to where the Knee inserts are to about 10 inches, it fits your legs well.

You have a look and decide if this turns your dial?  it is all hand made by me and not in China, I love my one and its is nice to be able to get more fuel in it than the stock 3 gallon gas tank.




Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 in


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