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Round Steel 3 Quart Motorcycle Oil Tank with Built-in Battery Box HONDA CB750K CB750F CB750A SOHC


Add this Custom touch using the Oil Tank and Battery tray unit and clean that frame up. Fits all sohc Honda CB750 Models.

Steel Oil Tank for the CB750 Honda with a Built-in Battery box!

Well, many people have asked me and now I am here to deliver, this has taken some time but here it is, the first of our Oil Tanks. This one below is what you will get and boy is a great set up and pretty easy to use to be honest. Plus you can keep that frame open and not have to use the plastic side covers, for a great custom look.

 photo 017_zps688bd19d.jpg

This round steel oil tank holds just over 3 quarts and we did all the hard work for you, you just add a bracket where to fit from your stock location hols where the old battery went and there you go. But this model has a battery box so you can run a smaller gel- Or lithium Battery and some of the electrical. we suggest an 8 cell Anti-Gravity as that will sit in the tray nicely.

 photo 018_zpsb83812e1.jpg

Now- this is the Raw steel one, but we shall offer a chrome version a little later on and we are sure you will like this set up, but as you can see, this is great for your inline four motorcycle and specially designed for cooling the CB750K Honda from 1969-1978.
 photo 019_zpsdc25ccf6.jpg
Sturdy steel and also to make sure all is well once welded, this has been pressure tested, so that there are no leaks in this at all, everything is set up for you to install on your machine, just add some hoses and fit to the barbed fitting with a hose clamp, as easy as that to be honest.

 photo 020_zpse12b3135.jpg

This has a machined knurled filler cap and has a good oil pouring angle for less mess when you are changing or adding oil to your inline four, we spent a long time making sure this works out and I used one on the 78 Brat Bike I created and its still going strong.
 photo 021_zpsc5d4ddef.jpg
This is a good oil tank for many applications of the SOHC as this can be for the Cafe Racer, the Brat style bike or Tracker that’s popular these days, or for that cool Chopper you are building or a one off Custom that needs a cool oil tank, rather than the ugly stock version that comes on the bike.
 photo 022_zps1bfbe70c.jpg
As you can see on the bottom of the tank you have two bungs and these are threaded, the Brass fittings come with this and this is for your Return one side and a drain the other.
 photo 023_zpsf6212b90.jpg
On the top there are two bungs, one for the feed and the other is a vent of course and lastly they have two threaded bungs on the top so you can add a bracket to fit your stock frame holes.
 photo 024_zps54e57614.jpg
A nice Custom set up and you can have them in chrome but please email for price as I have to call chromers to get a quote from them but, I have sold many in Raw steel, as people want to paint them. carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or drop a dime at 714-598-8392, you can even Text me on that number.
 photo 025_zps9834ed12.jpg
Have a look and see what you think, I love this style and shall let you know what model battery we use today, so you know it all fits well etc.
 photo 026_zps9e61c2b4.jpg
Also you get Two bags with all the fittings needed, the barbs and of course the adapter plate with O-Rings that bolt onto the lower end of your engine.
We have taken a long tine to get this right and I hope you like either oil tank and I shall be fitting them to some our rides to and will always feature them and readers rides too.
Yes- we ship world wide too, and this is made right here in the USA, none of that Chinese crap. You will be impressed by this set up and boy does it look great once fitted.
I also have extra 90 Degree Chrome Elbow available if required at $9.99 each- 



Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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