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Well, I am sure if you are here, you are taking a look at my handlebar clamps?



Take a peek and see what you think of these, but they are great quality and have sent them all over the globe to happy customers.




I have sold over 400 sets of these over the years, they are a tried and tested set up and I use them on all the rides that I have built.


Now, if your bike has the old idiot display lights that is incorperated in the clamp. then you can remove that and drop kick it over the fence, then simply apply these new polished alloy ones. They clean the top of the triple tree up and well, the look like factory.






Easy to remove and fit these and you are back on the road in minutes, this is a great addition to your bike and I know that you will be happy with it.


I really enjoy the industry that I am in and I have made so many friends in this business and try as hard as I can to develop parts for Motorcycle people like you, so continue to check the site out as we shall be adding more and more as this year goes on.

Also we will have a New website soon with a readers rides page so you can see other like minded people and what they do to their machines, this will be a one stop shop and I thank you so much for stopping by.