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 A super priced Petcock that’s all set and ready to use on your inline Four Motorcycle, these are the Best you can get for the 750K from 69-75 K models and a great product.

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I have used these in the States for over 19 years and have zero issues, I love the way they bolt right in and have a smooth action.

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Many of you will have had the same issues as I have had with old and tired petcocks on their gas tanks.

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They tend to leak if they have not been used for a few years as the rubber gasket perishes etc and they look pretty grotty too, especially if you have just painted your gas tank and then the petcock kind of lets it down.


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Brand New and ready to fit onto your steed right now, with no issues at all. Buy parts that work and will keep your Motorcycle on the road, this petcock will fit 1969 up to 1976 CB750K models and some 500 and 550 models too.


So, every time I build a tank I always use a New petcock and this is for the 1969-1975 CB750K model that requires the 2 M6 Screws that attaches the part to the gas tank.

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Please, have a look at the ones I sell here and you will see that these indeed are really good NEW ones and I am happy to offer them on here to you and let you worry about other parts of your bike, whilst your gas tank is not leaking fuel through the tap anymore.

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I use these on EVERY machine that I build and they work great, exactly the same as the Original version.

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So – if you are looking for a good stock petcock, and for a 1969-1976 CB750K, well you are at the right place.

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Check my other parts out too, as I sell the gas caps, the locks and pretty much anything else you will need for your inline four.


These will be the best bet for your gas tank and I have used these on all my rides that I have created over the years.

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So grab one whilst I have these in stock and I ship 6 days a week, you can also email me on 714-598-8392 or if you are in a hurry, you can even Text me on 714-598-8392 for a speedy reply.


Thank you for checking MY products out, I have served the Motorcycle industry here in the USA for over 19 years, I love my job and love to help you, keep the 2 wheels back on the Tarmac.



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Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in