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If you are having problems with the idle on your inline four as it has been sat fir some months, I guarantee it is these little  buggers in the carbs.

I have replaced over 1000 of these in the 12 years I have been in the states and I always replace these when I am working on the carbs.

If the bike has been sat some time, the gas goes bad and gels, then it sits in that jet and blocks the journal up and she will not idle.


Sometimes you can get lucky and clean the old ones out with a solvent and an air line, many times they are just to bad and you are stuck.


So, here they are and available here on the website as well as many other parts for your ride, so keep going back to the site and see what we have that might get you out of a jam.


These come as a set of 4.




Weight .2 lbs