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Reverse Cone 12″ Brushed Stainless Shorty Megaphone for 2.5


When it comes to the wrapped or packed baffle design, there are two main types of baffles. Perforated and louvered. Perforated has holes in the baffle and acts as a passive gas system, meaning it relies on the pressure of the exhaust gas to push the gas through the holes into the packing. This provides less restriction and more flow for the same diameter. The perforated design is usually much louder, if you want that Custom look and sound, then look no further than this little Shorty Megaphone. Perfect for the Cafe Racer, Brat, Custom or drag bike, this is a fun Hop Up part to help your machine breath and get you noticed.

This is a 12 inch long to 2.5 at the fitting with slash cut and a Chrome Clamp to fit tightly over the header pipe of your machine, this also has a Hollow Core Perorated Baffle that runs through the shorty. A perforated baffle, typically a straight pipe with a lot of small holes. Perforated baffles have the lowest air flow restriction & generate highest horsepower. Recommended to wrap / pack perforated baffles. The design allows the radiating sound energy to pass through the holes to the packing where it is absorbed.

Backpressure is the flow resistance created in the exhaust system. High backpressure increases the engine’s pumping losses, resulting in increased pressure on the piston during the exhaust cycle. Additionally, high backpressure reduces low-lift exhaust flow during the “blowdown” period.

Blowdown is the phenomena of expanding exhaust gases helping expel combustion residue from the cylinder and begins when the exhaust valve opens. Blowdown refers to how efficiently combustion residue is expelled from the cylinder by expanding exhaust gases.

Blowdown begins when the exhaust valve opens and ends when cylinder pressure and exhaust system pressure are equalized. Using blowdown to help remove exhaust gases reduces the engine’s pumping losses because fewer physical demands are placed on the piston during the exhaust cycle.


The ideal situation is to have a balance between backpressure and exhaust gas velocity. A free-flowing baffle will decrease backpressure but also decreases velocity, resulting in poor bottom-end-torque.

Increasing the number and/or size of the holes in a baffle or shortening the baffles reduces backpressure and can help top-end power. Still, remember that increasing flow too much can kill bottom-end torque.

The perforations in the baffle slows the airflow, resulting in the added backpressure and noise reduction. Straight through baffles provide less restriction and produce a much louder exhaust note. Baffle diameter influences flow, velocity and restriction, i.e. 1 3/4″, 2″, 2.25″, 2.50″, 3″. Ultimately the goal is to have the fastest exhaust velocity with the least amount of restriction. High performance engines may not require as much exhaust back pressure restrictions created by baffles. You don’t make power by adding restrictions to your exhaust system.


So all the tech Jargon is now out of the way, this in a nut shell is a great compact and neat 12 inch megaphone that has a throaty tone and will give your ride that Custom look and sound, this also comes with an adjustable Hanger to mount your system and is made from 304 Stainless Steel.  Leave as is or paint it Black for a Stealthy look.

These are a great buy and made in the USA right here in California, these are a tough and rugged set up and have a 4 inch cone reducing to 2.5″, they weigh in a little under 3 pounds and make a great gift for that Motorcycle gear grinder in your family.

” You may have yo increase you Main Jet size in your Carburetor if your Motor Bogs down when fitted”





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