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MOTUL 15W50 100% Synthetic Racing OIL


The Best Oil for your Royal Enfield Continental GT Hands down!

People ask me all the time that when I service my Royal Enfield, what Oil do I use, I tell them I only use 15W50 by Motul, as its the best out there and the thermal breakdown is minimal compared to all the other brands out there.


I like the way this lasts and the viscosity stays, making the engine life time on my Royal Enfield extend by many many miles compared with some of the stuff that’s out there.


And its not cheap but dont be cheap on your motorcycle, you dont do that when you want some new clothes or food right?


I sell a lot of this in different quantities, this is for the 1 Liter bottle, Usually Royal Enfield will take 2 3/4 liters.


So if you want your RE to look after you, then simply look after it by giving it a Blood transfusion it will love you for.


I ship all over the US and I really stand by this Product.









Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 3 in


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