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Here is a super Tail Light from me that you may be looking for your project, how cool is this, not only is it smooth, slim and Round, it has 17 LED’s that let people know when you are braking and when you are on the roads in the dark hours.

taillight 110401a

17 LED Tail Light Assembly with Flush Mount Bezel


  • 17 Super Bright Red LEDs with Flush Mount Bezel
  • Light Is 3 3/4″ Dia. and 3/4″ Tall
  • Mounting Stud Are Approximately 3 7/16″ Apart
  • Includes Installation Hardware and Mounting Pad


taillight 11406B


We strive to make your life a little more easy, having parts like this ready to go and have a good long look as this really is a great set up, the cool thing is it is Robust, it is also a Flush mount, so no hassle with cutting big holes to allow old buckets and tail pieces etc,  just fit and go, as easy as that.

To Fit, just drill three small holes, two for the studs that hold the light to the body of where you are fitting and a small one in the middle, to feed the power wires through, then just hook to your harness and you are set.

taillight 110406c

Not hard at all and these are way more brighter than the old 12 Volt filament bulbs, last so much longer by years and also these are so robust compared to old glass globes.

Brighten up your rear end with this call 3.75 Inch Round Custom tail light and get people to notice you when you are on the road.

taillight 110406d




Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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