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I love making Old Lamps out of parts I no longer use any more due to wear or broken etc. I’ve still to take this apart and polish the Aluminum and re-wire etc.
I will finish it in time for Christmas and put on website for sale.
Carburetor lamp with Bell mouth velocity stack and a Vintage Stewart Warner pressure gauge. Mid century style 2 tier lampshade . Will make a great gift .
110v with vintage styling. 18” high 10” wide.
I love to Recycle old parts that are no longer usable in their present condition, and rather than throw out or weigh them in for scrap, I would rather repurpose something and let it have a New life where it can get a lot of love and of course enjoyment.
I am now polishing the Base of which is a thick 2 inch piece of 6061 Aluminum, I made the top and bottom out of 7071 Alloy and drilled and threaded the base with Polished Brass Counter sunk screws to give that Vintage look.
The Main part on top of the Aluminum Base is a Carburetor off a 1974 CB750 Honda that was really in bad shape as it was underwater in a pond for many years, to brittle inside for it to be revived but perfect for me to remake into a very cool Garage Lamp.
The Float Bowl and the the locking Knurled ring is hand polished by me, the body of the carburetor has been stripped and cleaned.
I also wanted to add a Mid Century 2 Tier Lampshade to really give the Desk Lamp some Nostalgia and of course this Custom Lamp will have New wiring, but in the old style, as it’s a 110v with a 2 pin plug and is ready to use right out of the box.
The Bellmouth velocity Stack came off an old Track Bike and really wanted it to have a new life, this was perfect for it.  The 1960’s Stewart Warner Amp Gauge was in a Hot Rod that is now sadly no longer with us, so that again gets to live a new life and looks great on this mechanical Desk Lamp.
Of course, I shall use a Vintage style Bulb  to really set the scene and this will give a Yesteryear Glow that many lamps of today cannot.
It’s great to look at, an awesome conversation piece and all built by me here in the workshop out of old parts I had in boxes.  I sure hope that you like it as much as I did creating it.
So if you want to cheer up a dreary office and you are into Mechanical Parts etc, this is right up your Alley.
I will be making some more Lamps as and when I get spare time and this makes a Perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for the Petrol head in your family, they will be sure to enjoy it every time they turn it on.
I will ship World Wide, very carefully but until I know where you are located, I cannot give a Shipping quote, now- This is not a Cheap lamp but a hand made unique piece of art to be honest and will give the Owner many years of smiles that’s for sure.
Thanks for looking at this Lamp and keep checking back now and again for more designs that I show under my “Greased Lighting” Company.
I am very Proud of the work that I put into these Lamps and everybody that has purchased these lamps from me have all enjoyed them and still do , that’s always nice to hear that they really love the product that I have put together for them.



Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in


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