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Carburetor Rebuild kit HONDA CB750K CB750F SOHC


For over 22 Years I have been using these great kits from K&L and to be honest, I have tried many others but they do not come close to the quality of these Made in Japan Rebuild kits.

These are sold as One packet per Carburetor, so if you need to rebuild the whole rack of Carbs, then you need to order 4 packets, some people just need to repair one carbs due to a bad jet, leaking gasket or a slow jet maybe blocked with crud, but most people order a set of 4 kits and rebuild the whole rack of carbs whilst they have them off the machine.

I have rebuilt so many Carbs over the years, I can do these with my eyes closed, these come with a standard 110 main and #40 Idle jet, I do sell bigger main jets on the website right up to size 150 if you have a hopped up motor. But look below, these I am sure look like your carbs at the moment?

These are what they look like when all stripped, cleaned and rebuilt, and using the kits I sell will help yours run just like they did when they rolled off the factory floor.

I ship these all the time and have sold literally, hundreds of sets of these over the time I have been here in Southern California, these will fit ALL inline Four CB750 SOHC carbs from 1969-1976 carbs and you will thank me when you find how well these parts fit.




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