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Exhaust Turn Out Tail Pipe 15 inch for ALL 2.5 Collector



Here we have the Steel 15 inch Turn out Muffler that will fit ANY 2.5 Collector Exhaust header .

Many Customers have been asking me about my system on this Machine that I created and I have now made the system available but also, you may already have a good set of headers, so why not buy the tail pipe and slip this onto your 2.5 collector for a great aggressive look.

Made is Steel, this set up will slide onto your system if you have a 2.5′ Collector, I have a welded 90 Elbow bracket on here so you can attach it to your system, but you can rivet it onto the collector if you want to go that route.

A great Custom look that is my Own design, this really is a great style and quickly transforms your side view into a Hot Rodded Muscle Machine and these are becoming quite popular now.


I offer these to you at an affordable price that wont break the bank and you can be back on the road in a couple of minutes, it has a great curve to let the gases flow faster and give you a little bit more Back pressure.

Also comes in Black if required but I wanted this to be affordable and am offering in Raw steel too.

Fits any 2.5 Collector and this has an Endcap too, have a look and see what you think, great Value For Money.

Worth keeping even as a spare incase you damage your own tail pipe, I love the sound and the look and of course the fitment, Hope you like this 15 Inch long Turn Out Tail Pipe.



Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 in



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