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ROUND 12 Volt License Plate assembly with Blue Dot



  • “Bobber” Style LED 1928 Ford “DUO Lamp” with Blue Dot Tail Light with LED License Light
  • Black License Bracket
  • Available with Stainless Rim and Stainless Housing
  • Perfect for Custom Motorcycles


Dimensions No
Warranty 6 Months
Pack 1 Pc/Box
Part Number 86816


Here we are with a great License plate assembly for your ride, now this just bolts to the lower shock or where ever you like on the left and comes complete with the light assembly and wiring, so you are all ready to simply bolt on and wire into your harness.

For this set up all you need to do is bolt to the rear shock and attach the wires to your harness for running light and brake light, that’s it and you are ready for the road, I will have a number of color and options available as separate items on here, so just look on the website to see if you want this one, or one with a Blue dot or a Black body etc etc.

All the hard work is done and these are a great addition to your ride and gives it that Classic styling many fail to achieve.

This Tail Light – Horizontal w/ Stainless Rim/Stainless Housing and is ready for you to simply add your license plate too and you are ready once more to hit the tarmac and of course, people can see you now with these LED lights that saturate the inside and are very hardy, bright and long lasting.

No blown bulbs here to worry about too.

“DUO Lamp” w/ Blue Dot Tail Light – Horizontal w/ Stainless Rim/Stainless Housing


Have a look at this, or the other styles that I am offering on the website in the electrical- lighting department and hopefully I can help you out of the predicament that you may be in.

Thanks for looking, we ship 6 days a week allover the globe, been doing this here in the USA for 16 years and love what we do.

I also help out with all the Customs paper work so you do not have any crazy duty bills if you are oversea’s.



Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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