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Swing Arm Needle Bearing Kit – (Fits: CB500F 71-75, CB550 74-78 & CB750 69-78)


Stiffen up that floppy, worn out rear swing arm with this tried and tested kit.

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                                                                               Swing-arm Bearing Kit Contains 2 Needle Bearings 2 Thrust washers and 1 Shaft


Well, the easiest way to stiffen the rear end up of your machine is to remove the OEM Bushings from your machine and fit this kit, as this will really improve the handling and the longevity of that swing arm.  The Needle Roller bearings make everything so smooth.


Here at CCR we have used these for years and Used to make all our swing arms with this kit in it and loved the way that it actually handled compared to the original.


I have spoken in the Past to Dave Dekins and Colin Seeley about rear suspension sets ups and back in the day, this was the way to go.


Really easy to fit and once greased, these will give you many miles of smiles and your bike will thank you for it.

If you want to change the way the bike feels and of course handles, this is one of the most affordable ways that you can accomplish this.



So have a look and see what you think but for the price, this is a win win situation and you will be thanking me later for sure.


Even my Very Own Super Charged Koppa Kafe racer got this treatment and it was so much smoother transition in a corner for this machine.



This chap in Utah loved the way the bike handled in the corners and the main reason it did was what we did the the rear swing arm set up.0073


Even my ” Rice Boiler ‘ Got this treatment and I am sure glad that I did as it sure was a blast to open that throttle up and commit to a bend in the road.0025


I love what I do here at CCR and I thank you for spending time with me and my products, we are here to help and you can always call us.z61


    So, if you have a Stock bike, Cafe, Bobber, Brat or Custom just drop us some coinage in the phone and we will be glad to help you out.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We continue to bring you many more parts, so keep checking back with us on the website for many many more cool deals.

We offer so many parts and will be continuing to develop new ones and also cool services on Carpys Cafe Racers website.

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We also ship 6 days a week and all around the globe, so no matter were you are, we will get you your parts and even look after you on the custom forms.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

From Seats to exhausts, we have you covered here, try and get that machine back on the Tarmac as fast as possible – So you can have fun again.

One of my Earliest Motorcycles I built here in the states still runs the same guise after 10 years and in another Country, always good to see again.

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You may know me for my Custom Cafe Racers of which I have shipped all over the globe and many of these machines get the same treatment when it comes to handling and this is a true , tried and tested formula that is direct from japan and ready t use on your stock swing arm.


Drop me a Dime at 714-598-8397 and lets see if I can help you out, failing that you can sling some ink-age down at:

carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and I will get back to you.

Many thanks for looking I really do appreciate your interest and business.



Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 1 x 1 in


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