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Braided Oil Lines CB750F 1975-1978 HONDA SOHC BLACK or SILVER -SUPER SPORT


Custom Made ( PAIR ) of Braided Stainless Steel Oil Lines in Silver Or Black for the CB750F Super Sport Honda 1975-1978 SOHC


Well, here we are with an option of the Braided Stainless Oil Hoses for the Super Sport Models that fit 1975-1978 CB750F Models and I have been using these for many years. And have sold over 1000 units to happy Customers and now the Super Sport versions are now available to you.

If you have a Super Sport and your Oil Lines are torn, scuffed, or generally in need of a new set up, then this is the way to go and clean up that area of your motorcycle, that so many leave and this spoils the look of that lovely inline Four engine that Honda made to fit in that frame.

A you may know, the CB750F has a different oil tank and has a longer feed line than the K series, so dont try the K model Oil Lines as they will be way to short and then you will be stuck.

So- I make these especially for the SS model and will be available in Silver or Black, all you have to do is take your old tired and worn out braided hoses off, then simply cut the Crimped band that holds the ends on and pull the barbed fittings out of your old hoses and simply fit into the New hoses I make.

These hoses are aircraft and Race Car tested and they come with XRP fittings, so you simply push your barbed ends in, fit the Oil lines back to the oil tank and engine, then once they are all lines up nice, just tighten the hose clamp to a snug fit and that it.

Of course, making sure that you fit the O rings to the barbed ends that were originally on their that fit to the motor. Available in Black or Silver Hoses and cleans up the right side of your Motorcycle.






Weight 1 lbs



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