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This is a New side stand to put your machine back up on its feet.

Well I am sure that your side stand is listing worse than a sinking ship right now? Many people over the years have abused their Kick Stands by sitting on their machines and chin wagging, or standing on the bike with the side stand down and kick starting their inline four.


So – I decided that I would do something about this and would come up with a better kick stand that will hopefully outlast you on the bike and put your machine back up to a semi even keel.


As you can see, with a New Bolt and Spring, this is way better than the one you have, I have seen so many that are sat on bits of wood, aluminum or on a brick, and this stops all that.



I am now using these on all the Machines that I create and am happy with the outcome, just look around and see there is nothing cool out there and this has the look and style.



Check it out and see what you think, I will always use these and I do the work here at the shop to make sure these fit your motorcycle.


So much better than seeing a bad leaning bike that’s almost falling over, look Below at the “Rice Boiler” I created, the side stand looks Original right?


So, take a look and see what you think, I am sure you will be as happy as I am now, no more bikes leaning like the tower of pisa.



I have sold many of these all over the world, the good thing is people have used them on DOHC and the smaller CB650, CB550 and CB500 Four.


So take a look and see if you can make use of my versions as I know that your one will be bent and the bike trying not to fall over.


I see so many with Blocks of wood under the stand etc and this will solve that issue, I have a few of these I have just finished and will be making more, as I get many requests for them.


I ship 6 days a week and now your machine will stand up, I do offer the bolts and the springs on the website if you need new ones for your ride, I am the only one making these and I am so stoked I started to do these, as I see so many bikes tipped over way too far.


Hope I can help you and your motorcycle from that issue now an the Motorcycle will sit up as it originally did when it was new.


Thanks for looking and let me know if I can help you with any parts for your good old 500 pounder, I have done this for over 18 years and love every day of it.


I have been making these for many years and I always use them on my creations and so glad that I do as it keeps the machine upright.



Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 3 in


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