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Honda CB550 CB750 O Rings Carb T Connector SET OF 8


Stop your Carburetors from leaking at the T Connector.

Many people have asked what O- Rings I use, well right here you are looking at:


 (8) brand new carburetor fuel connector tube O-rings (these are for the four tubes that connect the four carburetors together) and 4 brand new float bowl drain seal. The o-rings are high quality viton orings, which are more fuel resistant than the original Honda nit-rile o-rings. These are an exact fit to the original O-rings. The O-ring kit will fit the Honda models listed below..


1969-74 Honda CB750
1975-76 Honda CB750F
1975-76 Honda CB750K
1971-74 Honda CB500K/F
1973-74 Honda CB550 Four
1975-77 Honda CB550F
1975-76 Honda CB550K


I have used these for many years and had the O-Rings manufactured to my measurements, so they are bang on, I have rebuilt so many sets of carbs and always used these O-Rings on the T-Connectors.


Plus the advantage is that the Nozzles will now move smoothly ans freely, as old tired and hard originals bind and of course leak.


So for $29.99 get a whole new set of (8) and be all set when you rebuild your inline four carbs.


Remember, if you are going to do it- Then do it right, nothing worse than rebuilding carbs and not fitting these to your T- Connectors, only to find they leak when you first fire that inline 4 up.


Thanks for looking and hope that I have helped you out, there are many seals out there but most are not gas proof.


I ship 6 days a week and all over the globe. These are for a Full set of 8 O Rings.





Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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