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Carburetor rebuild service- One Month turn around CB750 SOHC 69-76


Choose body color and give me a month to do the Magic for your inline Four.


Well, many people over the years have sent me their carburetors to sort out, as they have either seized up, oxidized or they just cannot get them to function how they should do, and I get that, there is nothing more frustrating than figuring your bank of four carburetors out and not only are they grimy, they stink real bad as old gas really does not smell like flowers that’s for sure.

So, you can keep trying and working with what you have and when that time comes and you are ready to drop kick them over the wall, simply send them to me.

You can have the option of STOCK color, SILVER or BLACK bodies with polished Bowls and tops, the carbs will be striped, ultrasonically cleaned and then, meticulously rebuilt with new needles, main jets, idles jets, air mixture screws, Float Bowl gaskets and floats reset etc. Mo Chroming is ever done or implied.

Also all the hardware is cleaned and some of it re-plated in Zinc NO Chrome Plating is ever done – and then assembled and bench synced, after that has been done, they will then be fitted to a running engine and synchronized to that Motor and they will run as they should run and you will be pretty stoked at not only the appearance but they way the bike fires right up.


This service is not cheap and, it takes a month to do correctly, so, be it a set of 69 carbs, to a set of 76 Cb750F carbs, send them here,   I have rebuilt hundreds over the 24 years, from stockers to full restoration.

Let me know what you want done to them ie, color wise and what jets and then i will go ahead and strip them and send them back to you looking like a Jewel from Buckingham Palace.

Been doing these for many years now and people love them when they open their parcel to see the transformation of their old beaten up carbs that they sent out 30 days earlier.

Above, I powder coated the bodies silver, and polished the Bowls and tops, customer loved them on his CB750 and work so well. these are NOT CHROME!

You just choose what color you would like from the drop down boxes and send them to me in a flat rate large priority Mail Box and I will get to work on them for you.

You can choose to have bowls and tops polished and vapor hone the bodies for that stock classic look for your inline Four Honda like these ones above you see.

Black can be an option if you so wish as It’s your bike, but the choice in entirely your one, either way they will be completely different to how you sent them to me that’s for sure.

Silver bodies are a nice custom touch but they do take a while to do and sometimes the aluminum can Gas and not be as smooth as others when they get coated.

I am sure this is how your carbs are right this very minute and of course have seen better days, so wrap them in a plastic bag and put them in a priority mail Large flat rate box and ship them to me.

They will return to you looking a whole lot better and also, they will run on your motorcycle, the springs are stripped and replated and all the hard ware is Zinc plated if we can save it, if not we try and replace with a better condition part, we DO not Chrome anything and never have.

So whether you have a stocker, or a full Custom, I am here for you and I ship all over the world too, yes, this is not a cheap service but it is a bloody awesome finish when you get them, not just some carb cleaner and a new jet, these are completely done and boy will you be super stoked when you receive your rack of four carburetors


So have a look, take your time, as I am not going anywhere but- I need at least a month as I have to strip these, clean, vapor hone and zinc plate parts, so time consuming, but- worth the wait.

Thank you for looking ad if you need any help, you can email me at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or even TEXT me on 714-598-8392 for a faster response.

I love what I do with these 500 pounders and thank you for checking me out, hope that I can be of some assistance with getting your Honda back on the Tarmac.


All carbs that receive their bodies Ceramic Coated will not always match a Silver you see pictured on the website, Ceramic Coating can change a different shade and may be lighter or darker, but, we DO NOT and never have CHROMED the Carburetors, we Zinc plate some of the hardware and polish the aluminum to give a chrome finish. Chrome plating can block journals etc so we do not encourage anyone to chrome carbs other than bowls.






Weight 11.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in

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