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I have been selling these parts for over 2 decades and continue to do so with as much passion as the first day that I began offering parts and service for the inline four Honda CB750, and I thought that I would now offer this great looking White Faced Custom Speedometer as I shall be using these on some of my builds.


Not only are these a Classic Style, they are very robust, although Compact, these are great if you are wanting to tidy up the top end of your bike, as the stock gauges after 50 years of use get pretty hammered and, are quite big and obstructive at times, so if you are building a Custom Machine, this is a super set up to keep you legal on the road and minimalize the top of your steering area.

This is so easy to fit as well, You simply remove your cumbersome duo that have had a hard life, and using the Chrome bracket, attach it to your triple tree or anywhere that you prefer it to sit and can easily see the display, they have a 2 wire set up that you plug into the headlight harness where the previous brown with white stripe end and the black goes to the green as thats ground, now that you have that, the units back light will work so a good vision of your speedometer at night or gloomy days.

I love the Classic styling and the ease of how this will fit and function on your CB750 Four Motorcycle and the Analog Display shows the yesteryear styling and the needle sweep is smooth as it is calibrated at- a Ratio of 2240=60MPH.

  • Trip counter w/Reset
  • 58mm dial
  • 68mm overall diameter
  • 53.5mm depth – Not including drive connection
  • 50mm bolt center to gauge center mounting bracket


Having the Odometer trip switch enables you to accurately calculate the mileage to places that you have been to and easy clicks back to zero by turning the knurled switch forward.

So, check it out and see what you think as this is Classic looking, easy to use and of course affordable, a good part that will enhance your bike as well as keeping your mileage recorded in the old Analog style that we all love.

Thanks for looking at this product this will fit many Japanese machines and hook up too and I ship Globally .

  • Features a trip meter & dial back light
  • Mechanically driven speedometer
  • Ratio 2240:60
  • Measures in MPH (0-160 MPH)
  • Waterproof and vibration-resistant gauge construction
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • 12mm thread works with most speedometer cables
  • Speedometer cable not included



Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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