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The fun 300 pound Tarmac Racing inline Four Honda that you have sat in your garage, shed, back yard or hidden in storage is on fun machine that I am sure you have spent many Miles with the throttle pinned and your eyes starting to water as you approach the corner.  And although you have done all that you thought you could to squeeze some extra speed out of that Japanese Race Horse, its still a rather fast Pony right now.

Now, the stock Factory Carburetors that you have installed on your 350-400-500 and or 550, are 40 years old and even if completely rebuilt, the bodies are worn and the slides can be leaking, I mean- You can only resole a favorite shoe so many times right?

So, the biggest problem with these old carbs is that the throttle response has too much lag, nothing worse than grabbing a handful of loud handle and it hits that void for what seems a second before the old girl snaps back into life, making you lose time, lose concentration and feel frustrated that you could not have a linear power set of carbs that are not only Brand new, but increase performance and speed and super smooth transfer in pumping that expensive Gas we have to pay now, to your fire drinking engine.

Also, these new CR Race Carbs  have integrated vacuum ports specifically for tuning, allowing you can dial them to perfection with a set of carb gauges or like I do, with a Mercury stick, now, just by sticking your machine on a Dyno, you can get about 7 HP from fine tuning these babies and you will see a huge difference when you wind the throttle back.


The Factory carbs are just worn out after years and years of use or just sat corroding inside in different temperatures, sure, I have rebuilt hundreds of these over the years and once refurbished they run great, they are just like the Factory new ones but that’s it, the other issue is service on these old carbs is a bear, the original rack of four carbs had 4 float bowls that were held together with Phillips head screws, you have to remove the carbs from the motor to be able to get to the jets, but not with the Keihin Carbs, simply undo the 14 mm Hex nut and easy access to the jet holder.


Same goes to Needle and clip adjustment, its a real fight to get them sorted out on the old factory version of carbs, but the Keihin carbs are super easy to get to from the top of the carbs and whilst on the bike too, as I have adjusted when the bike was hot and still on the Dyno. Undo 2 screws, remove cover and there is a little lever you simply move and the needle comes right out, so easy.

So if you have a inline four Honda be it a CB350-CB400-CB500 or a CB550, these are the cool set up for you, YES, not cheap but these will run right out of the Box, no corroded old parts, no fiddling to get to jets and floats, and really responsive when you crack the throttle.

Carburetors – Keihin – CR26 – Roundslide – CB350F – CB400F – CB500 Four – CB550


  • Color/Finish: Raw Metal
  • Material: Steel
  • Fits: Honda models
    • CB350F
    • CB400F
    • CB500F
    • CB550
  • Notes:
    • This Item is Built and Jetted to Order. Please Allow Up To 2-3 Additional Weeks to Arrive.
    • All CR Carbs Are Pre-Jetted With The Assumption of a Stock Motor and Aftermarket Exhaust. If your bike has high compression pistons, aftermarket CAMs, or other performance motor work please specify below. The CRs are pre-jetted to a base-line that’s intended to be as close as possible, but fine tuning may be necessary for the individual bike. As such, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS DUE TO “JETTING”.
    • Sold As A Complete Set
    • This Item is not eligible for free shipping. Adding this item to CART makes the order ineligible for free shipping
Great Product for your inline Four Motorcycle – $1,250.00




Weight 10 lbs


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