Just when you think you have seen it all, WHAMO!- This really knock out Cafe Racer had me glued to the screen like an old man with a Porno.

Check this bike out, it is just a great engineered Cafe Racer. I am so envious of this and would love to own that machine.

Air Research Suzuki GTP 550

Turbine powered vehicles are usually restricted to the skies but there’s always someone willing to break the mold…unfortunately it doesn’t always result in a practical vehicle, and this Cafe Racer styled Suzuki GT550 application is no exception.

And I quote (direct Google translation):

“Emile van Essen is from North Holland and was of the opinion that one could replace the original two-stroke three-cylinder of a 1976 Suzuki GT550 against a turbine. Thus found a Airesearch GTP 30 turbine built in 1967 make their way in the Suzuki context. Since the turbine works in addition to kerosene and diesel Emile also belongs in the elite circle of diesel bikers. The turbine provides about 90 hp at 58 000 rpm. The idle speed is about 18,000 trips. If you drive turbine needs a slightly different relationship to the speed. Power transmission, the original Suzuki transmission is re-used. The tank was borrowed from a Ducati and the start of the turbine was a 24-volt electrical needs. Nevertheless, the machine weighs only a little over 160.”

While the Airsearch powered GTP 550 may result in you having a huge grin from ear to ear there is no way this use of a turbine powered motorcycle could ever reach mainstream production. Why? Well the wind up time is certainly not desirable and when you switch her off she winds down just as slowly and of course there’s the ear piercing scream of the turbine, shattering windows and setting of car alarms as you cruise down to the local shops. Styling however is spot on, Cafe Racer all the way. I take my hat off to Mr Essen and any like him. They keep us smiling and certainly make life a tad more interesting.

Watch the video, I love this machine, what a great bike.



Steve Carpenter