Pin Up Girl Painting I just completed

Well, as it is almost the end of the year, I wanted to add something today as I was in a painting mood and a few months ago I had a customer come to the shop to purchase a bunch of parts, on his arm was a tattoo similar to this and that inspired me to have a go and see if I can paint a big Canvas as this would make a great wall hanging for someone.

girlpaint 2


This is a BIG panting and It measure 24 inches by 30 inches, its on a stretched canvas and I used a Electric blue water base for the background, the rest of the painting I used Enamel by “House Of Kolor”


I have always liked to doodle around with paint etc, I am no artist and there are so man cool talented people out there, but for me, this is my sort of Therapy to get away from work and just enjoy drawing and painting.




If you like this, it is available for sale at $150, this would look great in a Club room, Garage, Gallery, workshop r anywhere to be honest.




I thought I would show it on here as I paint all sorts of things as well as make steam punk style lamps too.


I am sure most people can sketch and draw, I wish I had the finesse to knock out some cool Hot Rod Girl B- Movie poster but alas, I donot have that skill.


I just wanted to try and show another side of what I am into, you may not like it and that’s fine, just something I love to do to get away from the other things I do ere at the shop and give me a break from Motorcycles and Hot Rods etc.

girlpaint 8

Have a go yourself sometimes as you will be amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it and of course, if you are into that style of painting or subject, then it helps you out so much more.


Thanks for looking and I hope I at least made you stop and think and maybe just get you to have a go at drawing or painting.



Steve Carpenter

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