The Aztec HONDA CB750

Sometimes you come across an old photo of something you built and have forgotten about, and today was that time, I completely forgot about building this machine, no idea where it went in the world but it sure was fun building this bike out of parts that I had laying around the garage in boxes and parts under the table.

This bike pulled pretty hard out of the gate, I wanted a Custom look and set about using many old parts and recycling them to gibe a unique Custom look to this inline four.

Rebuilt the carbs and added BSA Velocity stacks for that Classic Finned look, as I had some Original Racemasters Finned covers for the Valve cover and start cover etc.,.

I hand hammered the knee inserts into the side of the old Gas tank, then I hand masked and painted some Aztec Gold Candy Painted Scallops for a Real Custom finish and clear coated over the top.

I used an old 70’s set of Schwinn Bicycle grips that I heated up in hot water and fitted on bars, and stoked the way they looked. Custom gauges too and Polished control switches.

I used an old set of Invader steel wheels and Painted the Aztec Gold and fitted a set of Bridgestone tires, Polished front forks, cut down stock fender and fitted CB1100 rear shocks and my hand made Dunstall seat.  I even used old VW pea shooter tail pipes to add to some NOS headers I had in a box. Fun machine and hope its still on the road somewhere?






Steve Carpenter

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