CB750 Silver Cafe Bike The Silver Manx

I have built so many Motorcycles over the years and its hard to keep track as to what I have turned out over these 24 years here in Southern California, but every now and again I will be reminded of a unique machine that I created and today is no different.

I created this machines from a bunch of parts that I had in my garage and I purchased about 15 bikes up in the desert 20 years ago and sored them in my garage, back garden and next doors garden, as the deal came up and I had to jump on it, so always had a few platform frames to use for future creations and this is just one of them that I came across on an old CD that I had discovered in the drawer of an old cupboard.

So, this was a conglomerate of parts ranginging from 1971 to 1976 and I just went ahead and built this as a fun homage to the Isle of man machines that I grew up watching and reading about as a teenager, this was something I wanted to be like my Black bike but a different color and exhaust etc, so with a head full of crazy ideas and a box full of old parts, I began my creation.

I had a New Old stock Paul Dunstall Fuel tank, in fact I did have 4 of them to be honest, I had already used one on my Black machine and I used one for the greenday bike and I wanted to use one on this creation to keep in that guise that had started to become popular a few years later.

I wanted to have this machine in a style very reminiscent of the Nortons of the day, hence me designing the Honda logo in a Norton font, but I was happy how this looked and so glad that I went with that idea, some 20 years later I am still selling that logo design, over 500 of them I have sold in numerous colors.

This bike had a lot of mixed up years parts and I knew this would be a fun machines to ride, it was big and bulky and fitted the Motor well as that inline four powerhouse always looked great hanging out of the frame, this was a Muscle style Motorcycle that would turn heads where ever it stood.

A fun bike to ride and plenty of zip, I did fit a lightened fly wheel to this so the motor would spin over faster and this would really pull hard through the gears as i used a set of old Kerker headers that had been sat in the rafters for a long time and I had picked up at a swap meet in Pomona many moons ago, I mated that to an old Action four megaphone muffler and kicked it up 20 degree’s for a more aggressive look and boy did it growl when you got on it.

This sat well on a set of 18 inch Vintage Borrani rims of which a I had 4 of and wanted to use them up, so re-laced to Honda Hubs and threw on some Bridgestone tires and these filled the chassis out nicely. I rebuilt and painted the Caliper and drilled the front rotor and painted middle and used stainless Hoses to make sure this machine would stop quickly when you needed to.

I also ditched the stock factory footpegs as I had Ace Bars on and wanted my feet further back, and chose some Tarozzi rear sets to give me the leg room that I needed for that leaning forward stance.

I used a Kawasaki H2 Race seat that I actually made a mold from my first one and that was then upholstered in Black Naugahyde and snaps fitted for that vintage look and, I could keep all my documents underneath that.

I also wanted to use some Vintage parts up I had and I had a few sets of Original Koni rear shocks, so cleaned them up and fitted them to the rear to give it that road race look of the day, and also polished and drilled the rear brake cover to dissipate heat and get rid of brake dust, you can see the rear brake stabilizer that I machined out of 6061 and suits the bike well.

A really fun bike that I enjoyed creating, I took some old original 1974 gauges apart and revamped them with new custom faces, painted the needles, re-chromed the lowers and tops.

This was a tall bike and even I was tippy toe and im 5’11 but I liked it that way as you got to respect the bike for what it was, it was not for the faint hearted that’s for sure and gave that late 60’s look even though its a 70’s bike.

Motor Cycle News from back home in the UK sent a journalist over to come and see the bike and test ride it and they did a smashing write up on what I do out here, to me that was so cool as I have read that Newspaper since 1973 and to have made it in there a few times was just a head spinning time for myself.

A professional stunt rider too, he did not hang about on that bike and was quite amazed at the powerband compared to most of the Modern machines he usually rides and was smiling all the time whilst perched high upon the pegs.

It was quite a responsive engine and soon got up to the magic ton with no problems at all and way more there but we kept running out of road lol, we both raced up and down Miraloma road where people like Robbie Gordon would thrash his Nascar rides or Baja trucks by my shop, so only fitting that we gave it some beans here too.

All in all I was super stoked at the way the bike turned out and glad to have found some old photos of it to show on the website.

I have no idea where it is now or who owns it but just another machine in my style that I really loved to create and enjoy, it may not be your cup of tea but you may appreciate the time and effort creating motorcycles just out of parts laying about?

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Steve Carpenter

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