Happy 4th Of July everyone

I love having this day off, gives me time to reflect how lucky I am to live in such a great country, I have always loved living here and especially here in Southern California where the weather stays pretty constant and ideal for taking your motorcycle out and about.

I have much to catch up on and as my girl is heading back from the East coast, it will give me some time to try and sort the workshop out a little as I have way too many bikes in there that need attention, I dragged a few out of gardens and the K6 that I am working on never ran since the 80’s. I was just going to see if there was a chance I could get it running, but it has turned into a project that I should of left alone. But you know how that goes, when you think to yourself that you will just clean this up, change that etc, well I have done so much I should of ripped it down the frame and started fresh. But it should look nice when done and out of the way to give me a little room to start on another one.

The rear wheel I just could not clean up, due to the rust that had accumulated from sitting in a back yard with sprinklers that went off twice a day for years, so I had to pull the rim apart and located a new old stock 18 inch rear rim and purchased new spokes. Polished the hub and fitted new bearings.

Next up was the beaten up rear sprocket carrier, its seen better days but do not have a spare, I have a 78 one but the offset is different, so I will try and clean this up as best I can using my little buffer wheel and some compound, but it wont be too show polish as I am getting too pernickety with this and really just need to get it running well and of course riding well.

As you can see, the poor sprocket carrier has seen better days, bearing is fine and will repack with grease but need to clean it up a little before I attach that to the hub and then the sprocket as well as the Guard, but that is at the chrome shop as I am waiting on that.

Still a little more to do before I am happy with it but at least this is getting back together and I am now waiting on the rear swing arm I took out as I have sent that off to get powder coated as that too was rusty and needed attention from sitting for so many years. But will keep you updated as and when I work on this old girl, it will be fun to ride with all new parts and will be dead stock, I now have Brand New 4 into 4 exhausts for it that I purchased in Japan, so this will look pretty cool once done. I will ride it a little then offer it up for sale.

Have a great day and hope you enjoy what ever you are up to in the world, I thank you for all your orders too and if I can help just drop me a line. carpy@carpyscaferacers.com







Steve Carpenter

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