OK!  here we are, and Now I am super excited to let you know that I am NOW- officially a TORC Helmet Dealer.  So if you have been scraping your head on the race track like the video below, its time for a new skid lid.




These helmets are a great and affordable commodity that I feel needs to be out there with any top helmet company, I have tried their lids and love them, they have style, flare and of course, these affordable.

I am hoping to have my own Series of Signature skid lids and I am sure you will like the designs, as I am so impressed by the quality, the price and the vast range of helmets that are now available through me.

I dig the Route 66 T-50 Series and this Super Gold flake is right up my ally, and available in XS to XXL.

Have a look and see what you think but the best thing I like is the weight and of course, these are all DOT and are ready to wear and ride.

So get your girl on the road and sling a very cool and unique TORC helmet on and show everyone what turns your crank.



Also, the thing I like about this particular T-50 Series is the cool set ups you can get from me as accessories. Like these have goggles available for that Cafe Racer look, a yesteryear look at an affordable price and available faster than anywhere else.

Also, check out the cool Space bubble visor , these come in different colors and they change the look and personality of your helmet for any occasion.


I simply removed the smaller peaked visor and the three snaps just locate the new smoked bubble visor with sturdiness and boy what a change.




Oh! Did I mention that their Flake is brighter than Einstein ?

So, keep watching the website for all of  TORC’S  products as I will be adding more photos as I go along.


We also will have BLINC Bluetooth helmets and the BLINC KIE communications module ,so you can listen to music phone or chatting to your buddy as to where you want to stop for some grub.



Steve Carpenter