59 Club O.C. Section had a Great weekend.

Hey all

Well, this weekend was quite a busy one for the 59 Club Orange County Section as Saturday Morning we all met up at Boys Burgers and then Jennifer and Amanda both led the Club on the route to the Classic car and Motorcycle show that was being held at Seal beach.


The day was Hot and an early start was needed to try and get to the event before we started to cook, as every year it is warm there, even though it is by the beach, it gets bloody scorching some times, so, with 15 riders we headed towards the Seal beach area.


Great Formation of riders and very enjoyable ride, its way better than just jumping on a freeway as they tend to be boring, dangerous and not much to look at.


We arrived at the Naval Grounds and was greeted by the Navy Soldiers, who kindly showed where we could park our two wheeled machines, it was right by the water and a nice breeze to have on us.

We then left the bikes under armed guards and then we caught a free shuttle bus to the event, it was an old British Double Decker with some of the upper windows taken out and felt nice with the cool sea air coming through the bus as we took the short 5 minute trip to the event.

This show is enormous and usually everyone veers off to their favorite car or motorcycle and we either bump into each other or catch up later on.

Jennifer and Amanda led the group and did a fantastic job, well done Girls!

The Sun was starting to bake us but what a great show with tons of Cool Classic iron to look at and further up on the seafront they had the Motorcycle section.

Plenty to see there too and this Annual event seems to be getting bigger and bigger, great to see but I think they need a few more Vendors as so many people come to this show nopw, I know people would buy their wares.

I may have a booth and show a bike at the next one, problem is, there are so many events on through out the summer here in California, it is hard to keep up with what is what and I end up forgetting, then kick myself later on.

If you can make this show- Try and do it and there is something for everyone here, a Mixture of Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles and the atmosphere is really great, everyone is happy and more than happy to talk about their ride they have on display.

I had a blast but the weather was bloody warm and amazing as its by the beach, but there are a lot of shops and restaurants to go and check out too if you get out here.

Below, I bumped into  Fellow Brit.-Mike Brewer from the TV show- Wheeler Dealers, he has a New side kick and was trying some live video at the show, ya never know who you may meet at an event we go to.


We stayed for quite a few hours and could of easily stayed longer if the Sun stayed back a bit, but a great Saturday and a relaxing ride with great friends.

Tomorrow we ride to Griffith park to see our mate Andrew Chaves place as he works at live Steamers where all the smaller gauge trains are built, serviced and run, should be a blast!

It’s always fun with the 59 club, come and check us out  we are on meetup.com under Carpys Cafe Racer Meetups 59 Club OC and maybe you would like to come ride with us?



Steve Carpenter

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