2021 Has to be way better than this year

Well, as I sit in the office, I am very fortunate where I am located, smooth tarmac, winding country roads and as I type this, I see and hear some cool machines blapping by on a Sunday morning, their way of shaking the Covid19 Blues.  Riding a Motorcycle is the best Social Distancing out there and when I am on my machine, it gives me time to clear my head and think of other parts I can make and bike builds I can have a go at.  Hoping that you are doing something similar right now, world wide people are in the same boat but the freedom of two wheels certainly stops you from going completely mad.

Honda CB 750 four Poster


I have a few ideas for new parts for these 500 pounders and other models too, and riding always gives me time to mentally fit the part on the bike and see what it looks like, I am lucky to have this week off and that will give me time to get some creative juices going and also I can pen a few ideas down by my computer for later builds of machines once my Barn is built.

If I can of course help you lot, I am always here and you can of course email or even text me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Enjoy the days off if you possibly can and of course stay safe, but if you can ride your machine, get out there, it will do you a world of good, yes of course- Wear some sort of Mask.



Steve Carpenter

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