Old Commercials I remembered as a kid in the 70’s

Lets go back- Way Back, when Flared jeans, huge cuffed shirts and Wide Collar shirts were all the rave, Not me then as in 1978 I left school and already had my leather jacket.

Some fun things I look back on and laugh now is the old TV Commercials for things like Pepsi Cola, some were filmed in the UK as you can hear the accent and some in the states.

So Corny yet so cool, I loves these Adverts on the box, check em out and see if you remember these.
This one Below was right in 1978 , this is the first episode trial but still great to see.

Below, a little earlier in 1973 Eddie was banging some cool moves. This was filmed back home in the UK. And I loved it.

In 1973 this took me so long to memorize but I did it.

I remember this well too.



Steve Carpenter

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