Dakota Takes the Win At Irwindale Drags!

Irwindale – Series Five of the Summit NHRA and Dakota is points leader right now!






Well, the morning when we got up I could tell that the temperature would be getting high, and sure enough, by 11am the ambient temperature was jumping high and I was sweating like a Duckling walking through a Ferrel cat housing project.

 photo 002_zps8de7c4b6.jpg

Dakota is leading the points right now and needs to do well once again and that’s no easy task as everybody that he races is fast and on the ball, so when we pulled up, Dakota had done a first run to check the bike and the times and was running well with a 5.72 1/8th mile on his ZRX 2014 Bronze star Racing group Kawasaki.

 photo 004_zps1dafb31f.jpg


Flying his colors of all his sponsors, Kawasaki, Lucas Racing oil, Penske racing Shocks, MTC, Shinko tires, Mavtv- Kota was fairly upbeat with his times, just that the track temp was jumping up and the tire was lighting up in different places.

His Dad was racing too  Aaron ” Twist of the Wrist” Pine and both on the same Factory machines, which is great to see.

 photo 003_zpsd342a03f.jpg


The same for everyone else but this can be so frustrating to a rider as they constantly have to change tire pressure, clutch weights and of course suspension etc, so no 2 runs are usually the same as the day goes by.





 photo 005_zpsdce94ac8.jpg


 Tony Pellatera gets all set with the flying froggy Le Top, Tony has been racing for many moons and he can light you so easy.



 photo 007_zpsecfce897.jpg


 The Flying Froggy la top sits on his Classic Green Machine and is a fun guy who loves racing.

 photo 008_zps5bad30df.jpg

 Tony was unlucky this weekend but racing can be cruel like that. Awesome machine that screams like a scolded cat!

 photo 013_zps7f2d5a67.jpg


Dakota and Le Top sit in the Sun and await the call as they are on the staging lanes and boy was it warming up, it was a dry heat today so if you can sit without your gear on for as long as possible was key here this weekend. Although Dillan should of worn pants looking by the amount of skin he was showing that day!  Ha Ha.


 photo 014_zps59af414c.jpg

The field was going through the traps quite fast so not too long of a wait in the Sun.


 photo 015_zps3e7d6b64.jpg

 Aaron and pops await the call as the temps slowly start to creep up, like cheap Boxers!

 photo 016_zps3ed7e69a.jpg

 Dave Miller was interested in a Yellow pink specked butterfly as he is quite the expert.

 photo 017_zps782a83f5.jpg

 Dakota and Le Top sit and get ready for the race ahead, Kota dialing a 5.68.

 photo 018_zps70fad95b.jpg

 The french Connection contemplates his chances against The Lucas oil machine.

 photo 019_zpsaca771bf.jpg

Dylan forgot he had pockets .

 photo 021_zpsa3db6871.jpg

 Troy Gonzalez has a go, but had trouble on the line as he had a dry tire and lost a wee bit of concentration but a super nice guy and he loves to compete.

 photo 022_zps1362d451.jpg

 Tony Pellettera sits and awaits his fate against Dave Miller.

 photo 025_zpsec1c60f8.jpg

 Aaron lighting it up.

 photo 026_zpsf9badc05.jpg

 The bike was almost the same as Dakota’s but had a little bit of tire slipping, and this is always frustrating, kota had that issue here a few meets ago but some ya win and some ya lose.

 photo 027_zps29f2922d.jpg

 Tony and Dave get into the box and get everything set at the water box and now Game on!

 photo 028_zpsa0f2d5ac.jpg

Both these bikes are louder than pink sweaters and always great to watch compete.

 photo 029_zpsbb10d10d.jpg

All set as they stage and get ready for the fast Green light.

 photo 030_zpsb4387f30.jpg

 Dakota lights the tire up good and proper as he prepares to get the big W!

 photo 031_zpsd01844cb.jpg

 Kota in the right Lane and the flying froggy in the left, two Kawasaki’s get ready to do battle.

 photo 032_zpsabea509c.jpg

 All set, all Focus and all Dakota this time!!!!!!

 photo 033_zps59f4fadd.jpg

 Number 6 the Flying froggy, Le top did well but had gear change issues quarter of the way up the track.

 photo 040_zps79577719.jpg




Below, Aaron comes back from his run and had no luck with the tire slipping.


 photo 036_zps6befb880.jpg

 Mr. Dave Miller on the one eyed Octo, gets another win!

 photo 038_zps1fa8688f.jpg


 Temps were picking up as the day got along.

 photo 044_zps3723ce8d.jpg photo 045_zpsb279fdbd.jpg

Kota’s Dial in time for the next round.

 photo 046_zpsd342ae35.jpg

 Below, Dakota keeps a record of all times win or lose as this is always a great way of seeing how the set ups were on previous races etc.

 photo 047_zps907eb759.jpg

Troy didn’t have a good meet this time but he will be sure to be back for the next one.

 photo 048_zpsd9e25c07.jpg

 Dave Millers machine is consistent with a capital C.

 photo 049_zps9745ea83.jpg

 All set to let the hammer down as he runs fast times once again.

 photo 050_zpsfd2b6f0b.jpg

 Le Top takes a run to see how the bike is running as he went out against Dakota.

 photo 052_zps457a4f29.jpg

Kota runs well and gets the light and is on his way to the Final.


 photo 055_zps22dae8db.jpg

Is this weather gonna cool down?

 photo 056_zps8babfd68.jpg

Dakota compares timing slips to see if any adjustments need to be made.


 photo 057_zps2160f42f.jpg

 OK its on like Donkey Kong, Dakota Kai and Dave Miller Battle it out in the Final, kota needs the win and wants to keep ahead in the points.

 photo 058_zps72a96834.jpg


Trying not to get too hot as the time is coming close now for the Final Round.

 photo 059_zpsc77af0a2.jpg


 Dylan check and sets the rear tire pressure as they now get ready to get this done!



 photo 061_zps4d94e1d3.jpg

 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, Dakota Kai gets the much deserved win, a bloody good and close Race and so much fun to watch.


 photo 064_zpsb3cd2106.jpg

 So it was actually a Lucky 13 today for Young Mr Sun, great job Lad!



 photo 065_zps6ff30b7d.jpg

Kota seems to be collecting more cups than a NFL laundry cleaner.


 photo 066_zpsf5d6efb7.jpg

 Dakota’s little Brother Gavin sits on his Dad’s bike, he is already racing and winning at 8 years old in mini dragsters, great racing family.

 photo 067_zpsc3e5a72f.jpg

 Someday Gavin, you can race ya dad and ya brother!

 photo 077_zps892db96e.jpg

 Dad and Gavin take a little ride.

 photo 078_zps8fab599e.jpg

Kota heads up to the track for the photos at the end of the day!

 photo 081_zps5283ea14.jpg

I took a shot of Gavin Staging himself on the Christmas tree light.

 photo 082_zps25c9296d.jpg

 End of the day but a great result, next stop Fontana.


 photo 083_zps7570947a.jpg

 Taking a few shots before we all head home, it got bloody hot and was nice to be able to feel the breeze that started to come in.



 photo 084_zpsa4f88494.jpg

 Dakota and Dave, the finalists kick back and its all friends, this is a great series and the camaraderie is second to none, or in Dave’s case, Second to Dakota!!!

 photo 086_zpsc578e2cc.jpg

 Group shot and a big thanks to Lucas Racing Oil, Kawasaki, MTC, Penski Racing shocks, Shinko Tires, Bronze Star Racing group, Muzzy exhausts for helping him get to another final.


 photo 087_zps2d341f34.jpg

On the Strip and enjoying the win is a great feeling.


 photo 088_zps730d7439.jpg

A good ending to some tight racing.

 photo 089_zps75bf4e94.jpg


A  Fun team that gets results.



 photo 090_zps963c178d.jpg

Hey Dad?  You need a cap like me a Kota!

 photo 091_zpsc7cc0303.jpg

This was a great meet, try and come and watch, you are all welcome and this is a great sport to be into.



 photo 093_zps278f8977.jpg

 All smiles for a super result for the Bronze Star Racing group and all their sponsors.

 photo 094_zps2f2f692e.jpg

 Adam LaVelle takes many cool photos and poses with the lads.




 photo 095_zpsc8fbbdcb.jpg

Its all smiles as they soak up the win, the Sun and the sticky track.


 photo 098_zps72748658.jpg

 Winner Winner, what’s for Dinner?

Kota running a 5.72 and getting the bike where he wants it.





Kota and Dave Miller in the Final

Now some great shots below from Adam Lavelle of Loose Nut Photography, he is always at the track and if you need a Portfolio to just some cool shots to send to Gran, this guy is a really cool fella and will hook you up with what ever you need. Don’t be afraid to speak to him, unless he is eating a Donut!



Great shot Below of Dakota and His old man  Aaron ” Twist of the wrist” Pine.




Aaron lights them up to get a wee bit of traction, but alas, the tire slipped like a baseball outfielder on a rainy day. And Below Dakota does the same thing but he is lucky that his set up worked out for him at this meet.






Pops Pin and Aaron doing the High 5 as Dakota brings home the Bacon.




Back on the track, looks lonely out there but not for long as 5.71 Seconds flies by.






Here we all stood to be part of the day and a great result, boy do I love the drags!!!!




Was it a Hot day?

Shit Yeah!


Great Job Dakota! Now next week is Fontana, lets get this out of the way as its like a sauna there.


Watched a few cool rides race today too.





Yes please, I love the 55, even with the scratch down the right side.

An entertaining day for sure as for us, we got some cool sights and sounds of the City work guys that were rebuilding New Power cables and watched them dangling from helicopters in between race rounds.







Steve Carpenter