Saturday, so enjoy the weekend.

Saturdays gives me time to contemplate the rest of the week and this morning is no exception, I rode my Triumph into work today, something I love to do, crisp air in the morning, traffic at an all time low, not much glare as the sun is half asleep and the bike responds to the ambient temperature as i wind her open on some of the Roman styled roads here in Southern California.


I am sure Many business men want to do that when I see them in their shirts and ties and are sat stuck in the never ending line of caged Automobiles as I bimble past at a healthy rate and notice as their heads drop down in discontent as I casually make my way to my destination, so when i saw this video, I thought it was very apt and very well done, I loved the whole concept and can really relate to this video and I am sure that many of you will do the same, so sit back, have a cuppa and watch this short Video of 2 mates on their rides.

Be safe and be Aware out there.  Have a great weekend.


Ride Dirty – Oil & Blood from Oil and Blood on Vimeo.



Steve Carpenter