First Service & What A Rare Egg!

Not many of these left around. This bike is a 1962 owned by a collector this bike is in wonderful original condition. It stopped into the shop today for a service and some carb work. This was a great way to start the new service department.

Moto Parilla S.p.A. of Milan, Italy was founded in 1946 by Giovanni Parrilla (1912—1968), and specialized in the production of two-stroke and four-stroke, 50cc to 350cc motorcycles, three-wheelers, and industrial generators between 1946 and 1965. Moto Parilla introduced the 4-stroke, 175cc chain-driven OHC “high-cam” (camme rialzata) engine in 1953, produced 20hp, and used in the Parilla GS (Gran Sports), Lusso Veloce, MSDS, Speedster, Sport Speciale, and Wildcat Scrambler. Displacement in later versions was increased to 200cc and 250cc, utilizing a gear-driven cam. Parrilla based the design of his first high-cam racers on the Norton Manx.




Steve Carpenter

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