Hey Gang

Well Friday is here and we are getting ready for the weekend, we have Free coffee at the shop and when people pop in from the donut derilics meet in the mornings they hang out here a wee bit.


This morning I managed to complete a CB500 service that needed New Signals , and we cut the exhaust off as it had a Mac canister on the thing and it turned out pretty cool.




Customer was really happy and the bike not only looks good, it runs better and of course has turn signals that are not ugly, yet function well.





Friday is a good, but busy day and we have just started to add more and more to the website, it will also become a more navigational site with all sorts of goodies, with a Hot Rod and street rod page, covering every thing you need for your classic ride and of course the Cafe Racer site will have the same but catering for the 2 wheeled variety and, variety is the spice of life, so expect a ton of spices to be appearing in the next few weeks.

So check every day as we will be adding parts EVERY single day on here to make sure we cater for everybody.




We sell everything for the Hot Rodder, Street Rodder, and even the Classic Car enthusiast too.

We have just started to make more swing arms as we have Just packed the last 2 in stock, so no worries, they will be completed soon.

Keep checking the site as MANY things will be added and there will be all sorts of cool stuff, video’s FAQ’s and readers rides too.




Steve Carpenter