WOW! That 365 days sure shoots by faster than a Scud missile, here we are on the 4th, its still in the AM and First off I want to thank ALL service Men and Women that have served and/or still are serving, its at this time we say thanks to you ALL and if you see a Army, Navy Air Force Soldier, shake their hand and thank them, it goes a long way and to be honest, really shows that you do care, as they do way more than you will ever comprehend.


Today I shall be celebrating with friends that were originally across the pond and yes, just like me a Redcoat- but, if it wasnt for 1776, then I would not be here, I grew up on the East side of Great Britain and was introduced to the American lifestlye through the USAF bases that were strewn all over East Anglia.


Originally based here in WW2, and still a few bases there today, I regularly attended the air shows and was taken in by the American way of life and fell in love with that lifestyle and here I am today , living in Southern California and feeling how Lucky I am to have the Freedom to do what I do and of course all my friends over here too.


So, I raise my Glass to the United States Of America and celebrate this day and will do Every year and hope that you do too, fly the flag, show your passion.

july4th 17a

Have fun today and watch the fireworks tonight, we shall be making our presence known for sure.


Happy 241 years and counting, until next year, be safe and have fun with your life.

uncle sam2

Here are our fireworks at La Mirada.



Steve Carpenter

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