Honda Super Hawk NOW SOLD !!!!

Here we are with my 1909 HONDA SUPER HAWK VT1000R        Only $1300

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This was a bike we were going to build to race around a track- but even though this is almost there, I have way to many projects to get on with, all this needs is tail pipes, it runs rides and is fast as hell.

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These Motors are so strong and known as the poor mans Ducati, this will jerk your neck when you grab a lot of the loud grip.

 photo 014_zps8acb0a76.jpg

We have a Hyabusa front and rear end on this , Dakota made the Chain Guard and the half fairing and we fitted our Cafe seat to it as we wanted a cooler look that the bulky stock guise.


 photo 013_zpscccee9aa.jpg



I do not know how many miles is on this machine as it has No gauges, we were going to run a GPS speedometer on it, but it runs great and I know that someone can either put it back on the road, or have a fun track bike or even a Drag bike, this is a very fast and powerful machine. the gears and clutch work fine as do the lights etc, this will be a super ride for someone out there and you will turn heads once you have some exhausts and a seat cover etc.

I would love to finish it but- My workload has overfilled and I must move a few things, so my loss your gain.

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We ship all over the globe and I use Eagle One to ship in the lower 48 and you can call him for a shipping quote door to door on 209-495-3729 or email him on his name is Larry and we have used his services for many years now, the best in the business and drops door to door.




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This is originally from Idaho and here is the title with it that is all good and matches.


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A fun machine that’s for certain and runs right now.


 photo 008_zpsb8eead0e.jpg


Handmade rear chain Guard give this a tough look.

 photo 007_zps6699885e.jpg


Our Razorback seat base is what we used for the bike and this is a cool looking set up.

 photo 006_zps466b13b0.jpg

Mini fairing from one of our cafe fits the bill well.


 photo 005_zps2147abfc.jpg

We also have a lithium dry cell battery that is super strong and fits in the Custom Battery box under the seat.

 photo 004_zpsb28a9f6c.jpg


Hyabusa front and rear end get the bike round the corners well and stops real fast!!!!



 photo 003_zpsf9d374fd.jpg

A tough bike which ever way you look at it and a strong Motor.

 photo 002_zpsa53c0167.jpg

Have a look and see what you think.



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Thanks for looking and hope it goes to a good home.













Steve Carpenter